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a town hall meeting with chinese students. he pointed out the united states and china admit huge amounts of green house gases. >> unless both of our countries are willing to take critical steps in dealing with this issue, we will not be able to resolve it. >> reporter: the president also told the students he's a big supporter of noncensorship. china employs some of the tighter controls over what its citizens can access on the internet. >>> the governor of illinois is trying to sell a nearly empty prison. federal officials are scheduled to inspect the thompson correctional center. the illinois governor says the site is under consideration along with two others in colorado and montana. >>> five after the hour. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street. a good end in last week. >> very nice. we hope another wave of buying takes us higher this week. the dow rose 2 1/2% last week boosting the gain nurse the year to 17%. the dow is at 10270. after another rally pushed them up by 73 points on friday. the nasdaq add
barack obama was elected president of the united states. last night wile all -- while all the returns were coming in, hbo had a documentary on barack obama called "we the people" it's an all access pass in the inner workings of the obama campaign. the film is getting a ton of press this morning but one clip features this 9-year-old guy working the phones for the obama campaign. take a look. >> i'm 9 years old and a volunteer with the obama campaign. how are you? >> is this diana? obama is a candidate running for president. >> not diana, obama. he's a candidate running for president. he's a candidate running for president. of the united states of america. no, hillary is running for president. obama -- hope you have a wonderful day! >> that kid a web star. he's now 11. his name is lorenzo riviera. clearly he has learned the tough lessons grass roots come paining. i love the way he handled the phone call. >> start them young, kristen. >>> checking out about the poor showing of the team this season, and the wiz saturdays -- wizards see how they matchup. stay tuned for sports. it's 5:00 #
but if you go to the united states and zoom in you can see that we actually have a big chunk right here in washington, d.c., if it will pull up. not showing up right here. but i promise it showed up a few minutes ago and it is one of the largest sections outside of germany and you can find it here in dc at the newseum. they have it on display. if you haven't seen it, today would be a great day to do that. >> back to you. >>> the capitals an the league reigning mvp have different opinions about his status. >>> and this morning sports headlines are next. we'll be right back. hey. don't move. for the next minute, i'm gonna show you what it's like to have verizon fios. these are your widgets, they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out the local traffic, weather, even your news up there. i've got a news flash - you're out of mayo. how did you get in here? door was open. you'd have tons of ways for you to search content: by actor, director, any word at all. what about chicken? chicken's fine. any word. no i mean do you have any chicken? i want to eat some chicken
pow bowing. he says the esidenis giving expresve reform to the idea at the united states willing leprose straights itself before the world. he says the united states is like a country you can unlike any other only worsbecause we have so much to apologize. those are the arguments on bh sides of the aisle and this is the bow heard around the world and a lot of people are comparing how other heads of state and americanpoliticians have greeted the japanese emperor over the years. here's dick cheney meeting e japanesemperor and no bow there. and if you think these are er thlook at this video that just surfaced on youtube. a group has compiled this monday only the set to music of various heads of state meeting with the japanese emperor. it has already over 100,000 hits. and has been up 48 hou so clearly it is what is hot on the web this morning. i'm not going to weigh in on it but it is definitely hoot on the web. back to you. >>> a top hollywood power couple has something for you to wear. the story is coming up. >>> if you are looking for the most foul mouthed place in america, a surv
. >> roughly 70% of the state said, their vote had nothing 20 do with the president of the united states. >> reporter: it may be regional races but they are certain to draw national interest. the party that racks up the most wins often tuesday could carry the moment momentum in toe the midterm elections when the stakes are higher higher. cbs news, washington. >>> if you need information on candidates or ballot questions in virginia or maryland, log on to and check out our voters guide under maryland and virginia news. >>> a university of maryland student is recovering from a terrifying ordeal. she was raped in her off-campus apartment in college park. it happened on dickinson avenue often sunday morning in an area there's been sexual assaults. the woman screamed and scared off her attacker. >>> police in northern virginia are out to find a gunman who attacked three teenager girls. they were walking in the 4300 block of dale boulevard in dale city when a man confronted them. police say two girls were raped the man fled on foot. the girls are 16 and 17 years old. thousands have
leading cause of death in the united states. >>> there's new evidence that efforts to restore the oyster population in the chesapeake bay are working. a team from the chesapeake bay foundation and the oceanic atmospheric foundation found large impressing living oysters at each site. you can read more at just click on living green. >>> coming up, we will bring you a preview of black friday shopping, which will blow you away. >> here's howard a beautiful morning, right. some drizzle, rain, it is chilly and 48 degrees the weekend is not that far away. better news by then but we have to get there first. the thanksgiving forecast is coming up. (dial-up modem) remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight bill
. >>> the united states is denouncing a move by iran to expand its nuclear program. leaders in teheran say they plan to build ten additional uranium enrichment plants. it comes days after they demanded reprieves on iran's enrichment of uranium. >>> a conservative rancher is claiming victory in the presidential election in honduras. he is expected to dispute the results and the reported 60% turnout. he believes far fewer voters cast ballots. >>> the tiger woods accident is going wild on the web. more on that coming up. >>> plus, alarming figures about the rate of diabetes in this country. here's howard. >>> a chance of rain by midweek. and maybe a couple of flakes in parts of the region. we will have the forecast when we return. ♪ i must have the wrong house. sister? oh, i've missed you so much. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. ahh...real coffee. [ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup >
in the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. army officials say major malik nadal hasan is alive and under guard at a hospital after being shot four times. he is accuse cdc of opening fire on several soldiers where he recently transferred after working at walter reed army medical center. the shooting caused thousands to jam phone lines trying to check on their loved ones. >> he would call me to pick him up but when i called back his phone was busy, busy. >> reporter: ft. hood is the largest military base in the country and the shooting happened at a readiness center where those ordered to deploy overseas like major malik nadal hasan undergo medical checks. they say he was upset about his upcoming deployment. major malik nadal hasan transferred to ft. hood in july but before that worked as a psychiatrist at walter reed and he was also born here. we are live outside of his cousin's home with more. >> reporter: it is quiet out here right now but malik nadal hasan's cousin has been talking with police throughout the night. they are not ready to talk to our cameras but
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8